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Speaking & Workshops

A different perspective

Before becoming a Parenting coach, I was in leadership roles, having led the development of several successful companies on three continents. I had also taken several courses on leadership, particularly during my MBA at INSEAD.

When I studied the science of parenting and the latest research in neuroscience and child rearing, I discovered that it had so much in common with the best practice in leadership. This new perspective actually made so much sense: parenting is about helping our children flourish and thrive and this is also the role of leaders within their organisations.

This means that many of the common sense techniques that we use in the workplace to better lead teams are the same that we should be using at home. The challenge was to put these common sense techniques into ‘common practice’ and this is what I set out to achieve.

I decided to dedicate my life to sharing transformational knowledge and tools with other ‘normal’ parents like me, and particularly in the workplace.

My interventions are perfectly tailored to large audiences and to the corporate world as they are based on a programme of very practical and easy to apply tools that have immediate effect, and therefore have a significant impact on parents’ family lives.

Typical session format:

  • Large seminars: from a few dozen to hundreds of attendees. Usually last for one hour.
  • Workshops: these are more intimate and more interactive, and go deeper in the learning. They are often longer and last from one hour to a whole day. These can also involve children in some settings.
  • Panels & Interviews

The feedback from the event has been so positive, your workshop really resonated with so many of our members. There was a lot of ‘take home value’ as we like to say and they’re a tough crowd to please! Thank you for making it a wonderful event.

Georgina Parnis England
YPO Event Head – Young President Organisation Malta Chapter

“The webinar was greatly appreciated! eNPS of 75 so world class!”

Magali Demierre
Global Head of Employee Experience/ Philip Morris

Thank you for coming in to present. As you will see from the feedback attached, it was very well received!

Eloise McNeile
EMEA Lead Community Engagement Google

Very refreshing and honest session presented by a parent with real life situations. The session was really useful and I came away with some good tips.

Session Attendees
JP Morgan

What I talk about

Whether face to face or via webinar
A list of some of my most popular themes

Core Intelligence

The importance of developing metacognition, emotional intelligence and mindfulness

Raising happy confident kids

How to develop a Growth Mindset and other tools for confidence building

Leadership skills at home

How to use tools and skills from the corporate world at home effectively

Fatherhood & leadership

The role of fathers and how they can become better leaders at home

The impact of parenting styles

Why it’s important to recognise parenting styles, particularly as a couple, to become a more effective parent

Getting kids to cooperate

What are simple tools and techniques to make family life more harmonious

Be the parent you wish you had

My upcoming book

Raising my three children reminds me every day that we need to stop operating out of fear and guilt as parents and as a society in general. Do we want our kids to be happy and confident or do we want to reproduce a cycle of fear and guilt for the next generations to come? How can our children understand the importance of things that seem so important to us but seem so mundane to them? And more importantly, why do we keep wanting them to be so good and even ‘perfect’ while the whole world is crumbling in this pandemic?!

Why my programmes are impactful

Practical and easy to apply tools that have immediate effect on family lives.

Talks based on the latest research

In child psychology, neuroscience and and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Holistic approach

Approach that takes into account parents and children’s perspectives

Easy to use tools

Parents get a toolbox to deal with even the most challenging situations

Leadership content

Develop leadership skills at home that can also be used at work

Full suite of books and tools for parents and children

Books and tools developed to help the whole family

Real life examples and storytelling

I am a ‘normal’ parent who relates to other parents’ struggles