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Preparing the next generation to make this world a better place

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Nadim Saad

Speaker, Author, Coach

With 4 nationalities and having lived in 8 countries on three continents, I consider myself to be a Citizen of the World. In all these places, and all the other numerous countries where I had the chance to work, I have identified the same flaws in the education system and in the way children are parented.

Children are still not taught the life skills and emotional skills that they need to navigate this ever-complex world. The education system is failing to teach our children how to deal with situations that we’ve never been confronted to.

To make this world a better place, I believe that change has to be systemic, ie. if we want transformation, we need to change the whole system by helping both schools and families prepare children for this new world.

And obviously this needs to be backed by government policies and politicians that believe in this new vision.

This is why I founded the Happy Confident Company and the Happy Confident Movement, to help develop new programmes and products for children, schools and families that will better prepare them for this new world.

And the consequence of this will be a better world that is more equal, more compassionate and with much happier and confident human beings.

Nadim teaches parenting techniques that use mainly soft philosophies, while ensuring our children don’t become entitled brats.

– The Telegraph

Recent Launch:
The Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal


Play is scientifically proven as one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills. In response, The Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal features over 60 fun, interactive activities that will help children better connect with and develop their emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing.

Linda and Nadim’s decades of clinical and coaching experience combined with the latest research in psychology and neuroscience make The Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal essential for helping children and families thrive.

Facilitation, Teaching & Coaching

Rediscover & Reconnect

Kids Don’t Come With a Manual is beautifully presented and really easy to read – a compendium of all the best advice from parenting research, based on the authors’ real-life experience. I love the Troubleshooting section at the back. It’s the book I would’ve liked when I was a parent.

Sue Palmer
Former Headteacher and Author of Toxic Childhood

Filled with activities to help you believe in yourself, this brightly coloured journal aims to help you become your happiest and most confident self. It shows you how to understand and communicate your feelings; take pride in your achievements; be more positive; and feel gratitude for everyday things. The journal is easy to use, and as well as lots of activities that will encourage you to write, doodle and draw, there are facts and quotes from people including Taylor Swift and the Dalai Lama.

The Week Junior

We have bought copies of the Happy Confident Me Journal for our Year 6s as we think it is brilliant and it is a fantastic resource. The journal provides them with the perfect opportunity to reflect over the weeks, to process what is happening and to have a better understanding of themselves, making them more resilient.

Sarah Schaeffer
St Philip Howard Catholic School

The Happy Confident Me Journal is one of the most important element of our wellbeing packs as it ensures the children we work with have a journal that helps them to express and understand their feelings, helping them with their development and regulating their emotions. It is fantastic that a resource like the Happy Confident Me Journal exists and that we can help children by providing them with it.

Natasha Barley, Director,
Hull & East Yorkshire Children s University

My daughter (9) is totally in love with the Happy Confident Me journal. In a way, the journal has helped me get into her mind to discover what she is as sometimes being a child, she does not share her feelings or thoughts as much as I would like her to. This is a superb tool if your child is struggling with mental health issues or is being bullied at school and you want them to share more. I find that this journal will also help your introvert child communicate how they feel about something and to cherish an accomplishment which they have achieved or feel grateful for all they have.

Yeah Life Style


Nadim is a regular speaker on parenting themes for leading companies such as Barclays, HSBC, Google & JP Morgan, and he has been featured in leading media publications such as Sky News, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and the BBC.

Kids don’t come with a manual

Author of 7 books

Raising my three children reminds me every day that we need to stop operating out of fear and guilt as parents and as a society in general. Do we want our kids to be happy and confident or do we want to reproduce a cycle of fear and guilt for the next generations to come? How can our children understand the importance of things that seem so important to us but seem so mundane to them? And more importantly, why do we keep wanting them to be so good and even ‘perfect’ while the whole world is crumbling in this pandemic?!

About Nadim

Nadim is a parenting and relationship coach and the author of seven books including the highly acclaimed Kids Don’t Come With a Manual, Happy Confident Me Journal series and Raising Happy Confident Kids. He worked with renowned therapists and teachers, drawing from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience to develop a programme that’s already changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and families.

The experienced father of three founded The Happy Confident Company to help children thrive by offering them the insights and tools they need to face life’s challenges and become the best version of themselves.

With a MBA from INSEAD and Masters in Management from European Business School EAP-ESCP, Nadim is also an investor and was the founding member of several startups/early-stage companies in the Education, Telecoms, Internet/Media and Retail sectors.

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